Our Doctors

Our Doctors

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Carl Sadowsky, M.D. FAAN

Walter C. Martinez, M.D. FAAN

Jose A. Zuniga, M.D.

Paul Winner, D.O. FAAN

Reed Stone, M.D. FAAN

Edwin C. Wingkun, M.D.

Louis J. Butera, D.O.

Arnaldo Neves Da Silva, M.D., FAHS

The team of neurologists that has been assembled at Palm Beach Neurology is second to none in the area of the Palm Beaches and rivals any practice in the United States. We do top notch research for the major medical firms in the world, and our team of doctors specializes in every aspect of neurology as well as other topics. The education and background of our doctors is simply amazing that it has all been put together in one location, and to find out more specifics about individual doctors use the links to the left of this text.

Your First Neurological Consultation

On your first visit to Palm Beach Neurology, your medical background will be reviewed with special attention to present problems. A neurological examination will include tests Of cranial nerves, strength coordination, reflexes, and sensation. This evaluation will help to locate where in the nervous system your problem exists The examination may indicate what, if any. tests are required which will help with the diagnosis and specific treatment of your problem. We have listed many of these tests in this brochure.

After the initial consultation, a follow-up visit will usually be scheduled to discuss the results of tests and treatment. Further visits may be necessary to monitor the progress of treatment. It will be important to keep these appointments. Return visits will be determined by the nature of your disorder and the progress of treatment.